Hi there! Tees For Your Head Makes T-Shirts for Geeks in the Arts and Sciences

We’re glad you found us. Like a bat signal flashing over the city, our geeky t shirts sent a signal straight to your brain.

Whether you’re fascinated by numbers, software, and the measurable things in life, or you’d rather wear tee-shirt-wearing Tee Rexes, colorful art, or portable poetry, we hope that we have a tee shirt that makes you happy. There’s enough bad news every day to cause a wobble in the earth’s rotation, so how about some nice, innocent tees to take the edge off?

We’re geeks ourselves, and we hope to find the people who appreciate the same things we do. We’re Tom, a physics/software kind of geek, and Karin, a language/artsy geek. We met in the tech industry, and never would have imagined that one day we’d be putting the contents of our crazy brains onto cotton.

Oh, and that’s 100% organic cotton! It costs us a whole bunch more to buy the blank t shirts, but it’s so worth it because the cotton is grown without the heavy, heavy load of pesticides, herbicides, and artificial fertilizers—and lots of water—that conventional cotton uses.

We also ship our t-shirts in what is being billed “the world’s first compostable envelope,” and we’re very happy to do so. Plastic has a lot of downsides (Benjamin had a good idea when he declined plastics as a career path), so we’re excited to see how well these compost! For more exciting news on the envelope, see the entries here on our blog. We’re collecting data, something dear to our nerdy little hearts.

Thanks for stopping by!

Tom and Karin


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2 Responses to “Hi there! Tees For Your Head Makes T-Shirts for Geeks in the Arts and Sciences”

  1. karin Says:

    hey, don’t you know anything about punctuation?

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