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Behind the Scenes – Model Casting Call

June 28, 2012

Karin says…

If you don’t like answering questions, don’t start a business! Here are a few of our recent questions: Do we show models wearing our designs, or drawings of tee shirts? If we use live models, how do we keep up on new designs, and is photography worth the cost? Will guys want to buy unisex designs when they’re modeled by women?

Here are some of our answers: Show our tees both on live models and on drawings. Every few months, catch up on photographing new designs on models. As for the last question above, will you dudes help us out? What’s your opinion about that?

So I put an ad on craigslist for a photographer, and ended up choosing one very close to home. The couple who took over our rented live/work space were both graduates of the prestigious photography school, Brooks Institute. Ariel Lieberman’s photos were beautiful, exactly what we were looking for, and as a bonus, her husband Warren Lee has been involved in all the steps so far.

On June 23rd, I dropped by their studio and saw many of the models who came to the casting call. It was fascinating to see how they reacted to walking into a new situation and being put on the spot. Each tryout lasted about 30 seconds at most, with Ariel taking three photos of each person.

We know most of them had to drive at least a half hour to get to Santa Cruz, and everyone was very poised about getting only a few seconds to show their personalities and ability to take direction. Some looked a little surprised that it was so quick, but everyone stayed professional.

Ariel and Warren prepared a slide show for us of all the models, and we chose our favorites. I’d also asked both of them to let us know what they thought, and their insight was very valuable. Ariel was focusing on things that I wouldn’t have noticed, particularly the models’ ability to respond to her cues for each of the three photos. This will be crucial when we do the shoot–people will have to be able to take her direction and stay on task as we move between locations. Our top picks were the same as three of their choices, but we went maverick on one of the models.

In the next post, I’ll introduce our four finalists!

P.S. Find Ariel’s photography work here:

Behind the Scenes – Design

June 28, 2012

Karin says…

A number of our shirt ideas come from Tom explaining a scientific principal to me, where it enters what Tom calls The Mixmaster and comes out amusingly mangled.

I’m not offended. It’s true that I have a “creative” way of remembering science I don’t understand, but after more than ten years together, I can still stump Tom by using words he has never heard. As we like to say, everyone has a place in the ecosystem.

Here’s one real-life scenario.

Tom: “So cortical folding is related to intelligence, essentially, because it creates more surface area. Each person’s folding is as distinct as a fingerprint…”

Karin, thinking: What would that folding look like for different people?

Karin: “So Martha Stewart’s cortical folding would be pinch pleats.”

Tom is silent for a second, parsing pinch pleats. I see the question mark floating over his head.

Karin: “Like on drapes. Pinch pleats.”

Tom (laughs): “So Cary Mullis’ cortical folding is tie dye. And Bill Clinton’s folds look like little sex organs.”

Karin: “GWB has no folding.”

Tom: “Bill Moyers’ is fractally complex.”

I don’t get that one—Bill Moyers delves into ideas at ever more detail?—but the beginning of a tee shirt design glimmers in our minds, lighting up our incredibly dense cortical folds. Would you buy a tee that showed various people’s cortical folding?

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