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Behind the Scenes: Group T-Shirt Shots on the Beach

September 21, 2012

Karin says…

We moved down to the beach for the next series. While we waited for the heavy lugging to be done, Ariel did shots of the models on a lifeguard tower, right in front of the Keep Off sign. Oh, my Girl Scout heart did lurch. I prefer to go my own way on a lot of things, but I do generally follow the rules. Keep off the grass? Okay. (This will come into play again…)

Aren’t the models cute? Did you recognize the book Julio is holding? Why, it’s Thermal Physics by Kittel and Kroemer, of course.

And then we went to a spot where I liked the backdrop of the former natural bridge, which has eroded into two narrow outcroppings. (I’m sideways to the scene in the photo below, so you can’t see it here.)

Ariel had brought a drum and a guitar, and there was music and dancing. Very entertaining for the elderly beach strollers, judging by the staring that was going on.

Setting up the photo shoot on the beach for Tees For Your Head t-shirts

At this point, a park ranger truck pulled up and asked us whether we had a permit to shoot. I confess that I have committed a sin of omission. I was not the one who said it was a student project, but I did not correct the person who said that.

I looked it up later, because I wanted to retroactively pay the permit fee. It turns out that there’s no charge; the city just wants to make sure that a commercial photo shoot has insurance. We did! We do! Sorry, Mr. Ranger!

I still feel icky about this. Girl Scout through and through.

Behind the Scenes: Group T-Shirt Shots

September 9, 2012

Karin says…

First stop: an overlook at Natural Bridges, on Santa Cruz’s Westside.

It’s a beautiful, fresh morning with a small ocean breeze. Feel it? Hear those birds and the waves crashing? Smell the salt air? Mmmm, summer in Santa Cruz.

Ariel and Warren set up the lights. The camera was wirelessly connected to them, so the theory was that the lights would fire as the photo was taken. Theory–it took some fiddling to make it work, and it mostly worked. But they had to fiddle all day!

Heather is demonstrating that girls DO like math. Remember this for later when there is a Misunderstanding of Comical Proportions.

But someone’s missing from the photo above: Kim, the makeup and hair person, was standing by with her rolling suitcase of tools.

The crew for Tees For Your Head website photo shoot: models Julio, Vicki, Sixto, and Heather, makeup and hair Kim, photographer Ariel, assistant photographer and consultant Warren

I’m just learning to drive this thing (the blog), and you can see I have a new toy today: links! Shall I stop with four in this entry?

Who’s been to Natural Bridges? The name is for the rock formations at the water’s edge, but the park also includes a large eucalyptus grove where the monarchs migrate in the late fall.¬†Entomologists, do I have that timing right?

Behind the Scenes: The Photo Shoot Begins

September 1, 2012

Karin says…

I was trying not to worry. What if the shirts don’t fit? What if someone didn’t show up? Well, we could just let someone else wear the shirts, pinning them from behind if the size was too big. What if someone couldn’t eat the food I’d brought? Well, I could run out and get some other choices. What if the shirts don’t fit? The info I had on each model was inconsistent, and everyone’s built differently. What if I’ve forgotten something? What if someone gets hurt? (Um, by posing too hard?)

What if the shirts don’t fit?

Kim Guiley ( did hair and makeup and had the early call: she showed up at the studio at 5:45. Brave girl!

Kim preps Vicki’s makeup while Julio and Sixto chat in the studio.

By the time I arrived at 7:30 a.m., Kim was on the last bits of dabbing and fluffing. I met Vicki and Julio for the first time, and reintroduced myself to Heather and Sixto.

I showed them an ad I’d seen recently that had models pouting and posing in self-conscious ways–not the look I was going for. I also had some examples of models who looked like they were having fun, and posing in a friendly, relaxed way.

Aaaaaah. The shirts fit.

In fact, each model fit into the smaller size I’d printed for them. If you’ve got it, flaunt it!

Very soon after that, we piled into two cars and went to a nearby beach for our first group shots. It was fun to see Ariel and Warren get to work on the lighting and the wireless coordination of the camera and the lights, and to see the models spring into action, being all modely and cute and smiley.

I took lots of behind-the-scenes photos and even some videos so you can see what the shoot looked like.

Have you ever done a photo shoot? How did it go? Tell me about it!

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