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Oh Geeky People, How I Do Miss Thee

October 18, 2012

Karin says…

I landed in tech by accident.

Times were tough when I graduated from college. Sound familiar? Everywhere I went, companies said they weren’t hiring. I asked if they knew anyone who was.

Several mentioned a certain new company in the Seattle area that was growing, and I applied there.

Soon enough I was ensconced in my own office, with my humming IBM Selectric, providing typing, filing, and phone duties to a guy one year younger than I was, but who had an impressive degree from Harvard and a brain that ran in third gear at its lowest.

I’d been hired as an Administrative Assistant, a notch above the Group Assistants. Go me.

The big wheels at the company, of course, were the developers. The computer programmers. The people who hadn’t studied computer science at school because it was still too new.

And it was FUN. People roamed the halls barefoot (I’m looking at you, KS), and wore their too-small, too-tight, already-old t-shirts they’d worn in high school (that’s you, TP), and couldn’t look you in the eye (yep, that was you, HS).

I got asked where I went to school (you snotty East-coast Ivy Leaguers). I got asked what my SAT scores were (did I measure up?). I got asked out (fun!).

I was delving back into the beautiful geeks of the tech world, reading through info on Valve (hi, GN!). Who wants to design gamer t-shirts for us?

I miss you, beautiful geeks.

Behind the Scenes: Group T-shirt Shots Outside the Studio and Product Shots

October 12, 2012

Karin says…

Tom and I lived in the work/live spaces where our photographer Ariel and Warren are now, so we knew the next-door neighbors, a Dutch couple. The husband runs research on the evolutionary development of the brain at the University of California Santa Cruz (Frank, did I get that right?), and Marlies does her artwork while raising their (now two) kids.

They have a totally groovy old yellow van, and we used it for a set of photos. It’s sitting in the parking lot right outside their studio.

I am taking far too long to tell the story of our photo shoot, so let’s just carry on and finish.

Ariel had a fun idea, but it didn’t work. Hey, let’s have the models chew gum and blow bubbles!

Turns out that when you’re chewing gum and working on a bubble, you look kind of funny. If you DARE to comment below and request photos of models chewing, I’ll do it. Otherwise, please use your beautiful imaginations. So the gum-chewing scene was the last of our group shots.

Vicki, Heather, Sixto, Juli0: you were incredible. So much enthusiasm for everything we asked you to do! The behind-the-scenes glimpse: there was much laughing and fooling around between shots, and people really seemed to be enjoying themselves.

The final bit of work we had to do: take photos of each and every shirt, on one man and one woman.

Why was that? I confess that this business has kept me awake at night more than once. I was imagining our site, with our great-looking ladies, Vicki and Heather, wearing our shirts. But wait! If (imaginary customer) Steve sees Heather wearing a shirt showing science fiction writers, will he hesitate? Does having Heather model the design mean that the shirt is FOR GIRLS? The horror.

It’s uneven, I know. Girls will buy clothes that are ostensibly for guys, but it’s a rare guy who will wear a skirt.

So we went with every. single. design. on a man and a woman.

We celebrated as Julio, the last model to do product shots, put on his last shirt. High fives all around!

The end.


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