Tees For Your Head’s Party in the Park, or, ScaryTime for an Introvert

Our marketing intern, Kim, suggested a premiere party where we’d have free snacks and stickers and a playful contest to win a free tee: put on one of our t-shirts, choose props like mustaches on sticks, and get your photo taken. More about this below. The objective was to connect with UC Santa Cruz students and the brainy university community. With a party, we’d also be getting some fun photos for our social media presence and signups for our monthly discount codes for new designs.

On the Friday night before our Sunday event, I couldn’t get to sleep. Would anyone come to our do, or would we be sitting alone? Would I really stay all four hours doing something I dreaded? The mental self-torment of an introvert. I knew from past experience that the actual event would be okay, even if the worst happened and no one came, but the anticipation was painful.

Our morning in the park started in misty fog with wet grass that made our shoes damp and our feet cold. We had a few dog walkers for company and no one was interested in t-shirts. It was chilly, but an hour later the sun was out and families were trickling into the park. I found a formula that made it possible for me, former shy person, to walk up to strangers and ask them to come check out our set-up. People were invariably nice, although some of them said “Okay! Great!” and walked away from me.

Kim’s roommates paid us a visit. They were great sports, putting on t-shirts and loading up with the props I’d collected including wigs, a plastic sword, a leopard-print skirt and handbag, and a small plastic guitar.

geeky t-shirts from Tees For Your Head

Kim’s Friends Strike a Pose in Our Geeky T-Shirts

The most fun was watching the kids who got into the spirit and played around with what we had. Our superstar was a nine-year-old (?) girl who dressed herself in several ways and handed hats and props to her little brother. She even cajoled dad into participating. She was free-spirited and creative, and it made my day to see her enjoying herself. Doesn’t she look good with facial hair?

kids wearing geeky t-shirts from Tees For Your Head

My Favorite Model, Known to Some as The Instigator

funny picture family wearing geeky t-shirts from Tees For Your Head

Dad and the Kids Get Mustachey

Some parents were apologetic when their kids wanted to come see what we had but then suddenly got a bad case of the too-shys. Really, I understand! Come stand by me and be shy, it’s okay. Take a candy bar and a sticker.

By the end of the day, we’d taken photos of some fun families and some cool college students (yowie, check out the blue eyes on the one wearing the blonde wig!), and I was relieved to know that soon I’d be home, free to talk through the written word. Ahhhhh.

Come to the Tees For Your Head Facebook page and vote for the photo you like best. The supermodel with the most likes will win a free t-shirt!

2 Responses to “Tees For Your Head’s Party in the Park, or, ScaryTime for an Introvert”

  1. Virginia Howlett Says:

    Hi Karin, Not sure why, but your photo album keeps crashing Facebook on my iPad. It’s crashed 5 times now. I keep going back because I want to vote, but then it crashes completely. Arg!

    It looks like it was a sweet event, with many cute kids!

    – Virginia

    • spakeblog Says:

      Hi Virginia, we just saw your comment (after deleting some spam comments!). So sorry to hear this – we don’t know why but tech support aka Tom will look into it. We have to borrow an ipad to do this. Is the browser you’re using Safari? If you’d like to tell me which photo you’d vote for I’ll do it for you as my tech support guy might not be able to get to this today…

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