The Winner of Our First Geeky T-Shirt Contest Is Crowned!

Karin says…

Too cute.

That was our winner’s secret. He was just too cute. You know how kids sometimes get super quiet when they’re in a new situation? I don’t know if K, our winner, is a big talker, but he was virtually silent while he tried on various hats, swords, and moustaches. So picture the little Marcel Marceau trying on this, trying on that, all without saying a word.

His adorable helper (sister? cousin? I’m not sure) encouraged him and handed him things to try, and he silently put them on.

Here they are together: don’t they make a great pair?

kids wearing geeky t-shirts from Tees For Your Head

Our Eventual WINNER on the Right

He decided that the T Rex tee he’s wearing was the one he wanted as his prize, and it’s being printed in his chosen size and color and soon it will wing its way to him.

I wish we could have chosen more winners, starting with K’s sister (cousin?). She was our single most enthusiastic dresser-upper. Way to go, both of you! Congratulations to the new supermodel of geeky t-shirts!

Another great pair I have to salute was Jade and Matt. Also very cute, but in a grown up way. Jade, thank you for your enthusiasm, and Matt, you look amazing in leopard! You were such a good sport.

Geeky T-Shirts from Tees For Your Head Funny Couple

I was pleased to see all the mileage we got out of our moustaches on sticks–I must say that was one of the more unusual things I’ve found myself doing for Tees For Your Head. Ironing over eighty t-shirts for the photo shoot last summer was something new  for me, and so was making moustaches. Definitely not a common business activity.

Here’s the photo that brought home the win. The little man, silently doing his thing:

K sports a stache and geeky t-shirt from Tees For Your Head

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