We’ve De-Grown! We’ve Shrinkened! We’ve Smallered!

Karin says…

If you can’t make up a new word from time to time, what’s the use of it all, anyway? I guess I can continue living now.

We’ve shrinked. Shrunked. Shrankened. Shrunk.

So our online store had its one-year birthday in June, and for that first year, we were madly growing. Adding designs every month. Fluffing up, getting bigger, expanding.

But something was itchy.

When you do any kind of creative work, your eye/taste evolves. Some of the designs I’d put out, and (uh oh) a couple of the designs Tom created were displeasing to my ocular evaluators.

Much as I usually hate to go backwards (what does that mean? I will press onward even if I don’t have all the ingredients for a recipe, I will not start over even when I don’t like something I’m making, because I’m so invested in it, and so on), it was time to pull the plug on some of the designs we’d released. I’m sure you noticed. Right? Am I right? You’d been tossing and turning, fretting that you’d missed some announcement about changes to our lineup?

Here’s the anouncement. We done smallened.

Turns out it was simple to convince Tom to cut and slash along with me. Sometimes we agree easily, sometimes there is Debate Team Girl vs. Debate Team Boy for As Long As We Can Stand It, and sometimes we just move on. This one was a quick decision, and here we are, trimmed down.

Heck, I’m writing about it for longer than we discussed it. We were each ruthless with our own designs, and there were a couple that one of us wanted to cut that the other liked, but we cut them anyway. All right already, quit talking about it!

Feel free to sleep better tonight, okay?

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