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Behind the Scenes – Design

June 28, 2012

Karin says…

A number of our shirt ideas come from Tom explaining a scientific principal to me, where it enters what Tom calls The Mixmaster and comes out amusingly mangled.

I’m not offended. It’s true that I have a “creative” way of remembering science I don’t understand, but after more than ten years together, I can still stump Tom by using words he has never heard. As we like to say, everyone has a place in the ecosystem.

Here’s one real-life scenario.

Tom: “So cortical folding is related to intelligence, essentially, because it creates more surface area. Each person’s folding is as distinct as a fingerprint…”

Karin, thinking: What would that folding look like for different people?

Karin: “So Martha Stewart’s cortical folding would be pinch pleats.”

Tom is silent for a second, parsing pinch pleats. I see the question mark floating over his head.

Karin: “Like on drapes. Pinch pleats.”

Tom (laughs): “So Cary Mullis’ cortical folding is tie dye. And Bill Clinton’s folds look like little sex organs.”

Karin: “GWB has no folding.”

Tom: “Bill Moyers’ is fractally complex.”

I don’t get that one—Bill Moyers delves into ideas at ever more detail?—but the beginning of a tee shirt design glimmers in our minds, lighting up our incredibly dense cortical folds. Would you buy a tee that showed various people’s cortical folding?

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